Find strength inside your pain.
All the answers lie within your heart.
Located in Allapattah, Miami

Heart in Brain is an innovative space specifically designed to compliment a deep yin, restorative, and meditation practice with artistic skill and creativity. Founded by Natalia Vásquez, conceptual artist, photographer, educator, and yoga guide, she is inspired by the idea that “the answer lies within your heart.” 

Natalia’s love and passion for the visual arts, yoga, and ancient spirituality merge within this space, encouraging a harmonious environment for personal growth and development. Consciously made for slowing down and reconnecting with breath and the innate creativity we all possess, Heart in Brain offers specialty workshops on energy, spirituality, yoga, visual arts, and photography.

When gathering in this unique space, you’ll have the chance to enter Natalia’s art and photography studio and experience the development of her artistic practice. During creativity workshops, you’ll also tune into the artist within you, a connection we hope you’ll maintain for the rest of your life.

There is a small yoga room, allowing an intimate atmosphere to face and process life situations to which we may not always give due importance. A growing library focusing on the visual arts and holistic practices is available for study on location. The opportunity to breathe and work through personal matters in a private space is accessible in our tiny meditation room. Heart in Brain welcomes children to share their wisdom and receive stress and anxiety management tools so they learn to remain true to their divine essence from a young age.

After workshops, stay for a cup of tea, chill with a book, or reflect on your art/yoga/life practice. Enjoy being part of a kind community committed to facing their inner worlds and choosing to build peace from within.

Private and small group yoga classes are scheduled by appointment.

Stay tuned for lectures and workshops by visiting artists and members of the holistic community.

We are located in Las Flores Plaza, a complex that houses the 27/20 Artist Studios, a collective of 20+ international artists working in Allapattah, Miami. Take a look at Natalia’s profile and browse the website to discover the works of talented, local artists.

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Open by appointment for art viewings, private yoga sessions and scheduled workshops, lectures, and events.


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