i heART rest

an exploration of restful practices: yin, restorative, conscious rest*, meditation, pranayama, and visual arts

4-week workshop series or 2-day weekend intensive

i heART rest

4 x 2-hour workshops or 1.5 day intensive dedicated to establishing a practice of deep REST into your lifestyle.

It is important to create space for moments of deep rest in your inner world. When you practice stillness and focus on your breath, you return to your center. We are living in a time of external chaos and in order to transform it, we must go within and organize the chaos within our own minds and hearts.

With the wisdom that ALL EMOTIONS ARE VALID, the time has come to learn from your own personal emotional guidance system. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to check-in and self-inventory so as to face what is happening internally and externally from a space of clarity and calm.

Does my mind seem overactive?

Have my emotions needed more attention lately?

Do I feel tension in my physical body?

Does my breath feel shallow and stuck?

Do I feel tired and overworked?

Does guilt kick in whenever I try to slow down, as if I’m not DO-ing enough?

Do I feel lethargic and unable to focus on and complete tasks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions- the real question is:

Are you exhausted of feeling exhausted and ready to establish a practice of deep rest in your life?

i heart rest  is a 4-week workshop series, or a 1.5-day weekend intensive, where we focus on restful practices as a means to explore your reality beyond just the physical body and tap into the subtle energetic body. Over the course of 1 month, or the intensive weekend, you’ll gain tools for inner world observation and management as we progressively enter deeper practices of stillness to calm your body, mind, heart, and spirit. You’ll be able to apply these tools at home and use them for the rest of your life.

In the first session we will set an intention for the duration of your program and each session will include journaling and visualization.

The last session ends with a Visual Arts activity. You’ll end with a self-created work of art that represents what you have been working towards and what your vision is moving forward.

i heart rest  will leave you feeling replenished and energized beyond your imagination, by simply encouraging you to be still, listen with your heart, and reclaim your right to guilt-free REST that reconnects you to the Love within you.

General art supplies are needed for the visual arts activity and a list will be provided upon registration. Blankets, pillows, blocks, and a strap are needed for practice. These items can be found around your home!

This is a 4 part workshop series to delve gradually and deeply into rest. The 4 parts are experienced over the course of 4 weeks, or an intensive weekend.

Contact us to bring this workshop to your studio, workplace, or organization.

Offered virtually via Zoom and in person within socially distanced guidelines at facilitator’s discretion.


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​Practice is for everyone. A sliding scale is offered to anyone being called to practice who is experiencing financial hardship. All we ask for is honesty and that you pay it forward when the opportunity arises in your life.

Based on your need:

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If you need further assistance, please email natalia@heartinbrain.com so we can determine how best to work together.

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