live, breathe, meditate

3-hour workshop on pranayama (breathing) and dharana (concentration) techniques leading to dhyana (meditation)

live, breathe, meditate

3-hour workshop on Pranayama and Concentration Techniques that lead to Meditation.

Have you wondererd how it feels to be in a state of meditation? Would you like to delve deeper into an already established concentration practice? Does it ever seem scary to close your eyes and sit in stillness?

In this workshop you’ll be guided to send your gaze inward and learn to apply the powerful tools of pranayama (breath) and dharana (concentration) into your daily life. You’ll learn breathing techniques, create affirmations, and practice various types of exercises to discover what works best for you at this point in your life.

Together, we’ll explore the landscapes of our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, with a focus on gaining awareness of where you are and what you need. With concentration you have the power to reprogram your mental, emotional, and physical realities to create a life that aligns with your highest, spiritual Self. We’ll also talk about some of the realities of this practice (not all rainbows and glitter) and how to face any inner turbulence with courage, while focusing on techniques that lead to dhyana (meditation.)

3-hour workshop on Pranayama and Concentration Techniques that lead to Meditation.

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Offered virtually via Zoom and in person within socially distanced guidelines at facilitator’s discretion.


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​Practice is for everyone. A sliding scale is offered to anyone being called to practice who is experiencing financial hardship. All we ask for is honesty and that you pay it forward when the opportunity arises in your life.

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