Visual and Holistic Arts Practices Unite

The answers live within your heart.

explore your internal landscapes

discover who lives inside you.

what do you wish to tame? 

how do you choose to reawaken? 

which parts of you are ready to run wild?

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Workshops + Series

Workshops and series guide you to direct your gaze inward for Self-study. A focus on restful, energy-based practices, seamlessly merging the visual and holistic arts, ensures you will discover deeper layers of yourself with every experience. Join us for a few hours, a weekend, or a full series, to reconnect to your inner world. Learn more about live breathe meditate, intro to chakras, i heart rest, and the chakrART series.

Intentional Private Sessions

1:1 sessions are specifically created to meet your immediate needs. They are a wonderful way to strengthen your new or deepen your already existing practice. These sessions may also provide support for complex situations that require sensitive care and guidance. Through the visual and holistic arts, you are encouraged to face your inner space with courage, kindness and non-judgment. 

Tailored Group Programs

Specialized group programs for schools, non-profit organizations, healthcare workers, and groups working within high-stress environments in need of holistic care and team nurturing, are a wonderful way for us to collaborate. These programs can be incorporated into already existing professional gatherings, or created as mini-retreats to replenish all members and in turn, enhance your work environment.

(Featured Image: Practice within the walls of the exhibition Inter|Sectionality: Diaspora Art from the Creole City in collaboration with Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator)

Conscious Photography

Photography is a powerful tool for inward and outward exploration. Personal and professional portrait sessions incorporate holistic support, self-study, and encourage love and acceptance of you, just as you are. The process guides you to portraits that reflect who you are beyond how you look or what you do. You will not simply receive photos in a transactional way. You will be guided to honor and love yourself more deeply.

Visual artists, holistic practitioners, activists, musicians, actors, movement artists, and heartful professionals in need of content will benefit from a photo session to express your vision forward.

Create Your Lifestyle

A Holistic Arts practice celebrates interconnectedness among the realms of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It extends beyond the material world and calls on ancient wisdom for guidance. Together these parts weave a sense of wholeness in your being and help you observe the eternal question: who am i?

A Visual Arts practice helps you discover what inside of you is yearning to be expressed and shared with the external world. It gives life to your vision. Both of these practices guide you inward for self-exploration and are honed throughout your life. Since the beginning of time, visual and holistic artists have been at the intuitive forefront of societies, bearing witness, sharing stories, and holding the torch in the creation of a more loving world.

At Heart in Brain Studios, a commitment to self-study provides an opportunity to explore your internal landscapes and face all the climates and terrains that exist within you. When merged, visual and holistic arts practices guide you to rest deeply and release layers of internal tensions and judgments, and in turn, reconnect to your intuition and bring clarity to your vision and purpose. Here, you are reminded that all that you need already lives within your heart. You are the expert of your experience. You are the master artist of your life. Your dreams are valuable. You are worth it.

What does it mean to find your inner calm?

Discover it for yourself through dedicated practice.

The Dream is to:

* Transform Trauma and Pain into Beauty and Wisdom

* Create a Safe and Courageous Space for Inward-Facing Experiences

* Provide Restful Holistic Practices for Sincere Self-Empowerment

* Impart Concentration Techniques Leading to Meditation

* Teach Visual Arts Skills for Meaningful Self-Expression

* Reveal Your Innate Creativity, Unique to You

* Produce Inspired Visual Content for Conscious Creators

* Facilitate a Return to Pachamama (Mother Nature)

*Honor and Be Guided by Indigenous Ways

* Connect Creatives, Healers, and Environmentalists

* Build a Diverse, Conscious, Loving Community

Join us for a heartful (r)evolution

of deep rest and creativity

Through stillness, return to your dwelling place where your higher Self and creative source reside. This space has never left you. It exists within your HEART.

In a world where success is measured by busy-ness, money, material posessions, degrees, certifications, and a constant need to show it all on social media, it takes commitment to choose deep rest and creativity as a self-care practice. Learn to celebrate who you are instead of all that you do, and create a sense of peace within you that no external factor has the power to shake.

Practice is for everyone. If you are being called to practice, but are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out so that we can assist you as needed. 

Are you ready?

Dive deep into Self-study

with our 9-week chakrART series 

Check out the chakrART workshop series

11 workshops

9 weeks

7 major chakras

5 elements

3 art evenings

1 exhibition

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