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Natalia’s chakra workshops were a deeply personal experience. The workshops pushed me to reflect, as well as heal, on multiple levels. It was the perfect combination for a yoga workshop: highly physical, profoundly emotional, and ultimately prompted a positive change within me. The journaling and meditation techniques are still tools I rely on to this day.

Tina Dominguez

Self-proclaimed Digital Content Geek

Natalia has such a way of leading class not only in movement but also spiritually and mentally. She allowed me to re-discover, challenge, and really get to know my true self while attending her classes. Natalia cares about people and has a passion not found in many nowadays. She tries to share her knowledge with as many people as she can. If you ever have the opportunity to attend any class/workshop with her, do it!

Tony Tamburello

Owner, Om Stead Yoga, Homestead, FL

As someone who does not take pictures and needs a lot of coaching in front of the camera, working with Natalia was a perfect match.  Not only is she an excellent yoga teacher, but her ability to verbally queue adjustments clearly translates to photoshoots. She continuously communicated with me throughout shoot to ensure that I was satisfied with her takes, which was incredibly important to me. Natalia involved me in all steps of the process to make sure I got exactly what I was promised and the final results were even better than expected.  She knows how to capture and enhance the natural beauty of each individual subject, as well as adapt to her surroundings or challenges that arise. Nowadays there are a lot of photographers out there, but they all see differently.  I would highly recommend Natalia to anyone because of her careful eye, which sets her apart from other photographers and adds a special kind of energy to her photographs.
Martha Wamil

Art Director, Miami Beach, FL

I am a physician who has always struggled with how to take care of patients yet manage the emotional burden of our profession, to be empathetic yet efficient, to help convey to patients that their emotions have everything to do with their physical bodies, to maintain a sense of well-being for myself in the process. This led to a long period of burnout and exhaustion.  I felt that I could not achieve balance or peace and was taken over by anxiety. Learning about meditation has created a beautiful outlet for me to connect to my Self and to have compassion for myself and others, as a doctor, as a mother, as a wife, as a friend. However, this is a journey, and like any other journey, a learning process. Learning to quiet my mind and sit in stillness has been a daily commitment for me. I’m grateful that my journey brought me to Heart In Brain Studios. I took the Live, Breathe, Meditate workshop with Natalia. Being surrounded by her artwork already was a beautiful experience, but her process of explaining meditation techniques with journaling allowed me to learn about the various ways in which I can enter a meditative state and gave me many wonderful insights about my process.  I would meditate and reflect, meditate and reflect. I felt a creative energy and peace during the workshop, due to Natalia’s wonderful presence and guidance during this morning session. I look forward to working with Natalia again and continuing to collaborate, as mindfulness is such a key to health and what better gift to my patients and doctors in training than to be present with them and help them maintain their own sense of wellness and stillness. I highly recommend her programs and will most definitely be doing more in the future.
Cynthia I. Rivera

Doctor, Miami Beach, FL

The Grounded in Nature Retreat was an amazing blessing for me and a much needed journey into myself. I felt a powerful sense of anchoring and connection with my heart that stayed with me the entire week after I left. Natalia’s creative wisdom and soothing voice was perfect for me. She has a way of making you feel comfortable immediately, taking off the layers of stress and overwhelm so you can truly be present. This retreat is worth every penny if you are looking for deep inner peace and a grounded community, I highly recommend it. Thank You Natalia!

Christina Pearce

Wellness and Meditation Expert, Miami, FL

Natalia’s chakra workshop series incorporated yoga, meditation, journaling and chakra work. The combination of these practices along with Natalia’s gentle, purposeful guidance brought me revelations about deep-seated fears I was previously unaware of. I took this series years ago but I still reflect on a dream that I had the night after we started work on our root chakra. To this day, I get chills thinking about how I confronted myself with a message. If you can commit to the time, do yourself a favor and do this important work with Natalia. 


Jenn Ubiera

Lawyer, Washington DC

Taking Natalia’s [conscious REST] class has been a truly life changing experience for me. Prior to discovering her class, I was having an extremely difficult time getting a grip on managing my stress. I had tried meditating, exercising, diet changes with little success. It was only when I discovered this gem of a practice did things start to click. I believe the key to my success with the practice is the way Natalia teaches her class. Her warmth and intuition is key and creates a connection between student and teacher. It’s this ability to connect that makes the class so meaningful and accessible. The biggest thing I’ve gotten from it however, is the power to connect to myself and my body and see it in a completely different way. When I’ve invited friends, they’ve all mirrored my feelings about Natalia as a teacher. I cannot recommend her class enough. The wisdom and self empowerment I have learned in this class is a tool I now use on a daily basis.

Maria Barraco

Owner, Animal Vintage, Miami, FL

Taking Natalia’s chakra workshop series was one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had since starting on my yoga journey. Not only did it open my eyes to the concept of chakras but also meditation. I’ll never forget the connection we all made with each other in her workshops because the space provided was so open and genuine. I witnessed strangers become friends, grown men cry, and I got to know myself a little better. Natalia’s amazing energy radiates through in everything she does, and her workshops are no exception.

Diana Marten

Assistant Studio Manager, Santa Anita Hot Yoga Studio, Arcadia, CA

Practicing with Natalia has had a great impact on my life the last few years. Her approach to yoga has allowed me to learn about myself both externally and internally. Natalia has a very patient and gifted way in her  guidance through her words and movement. She has helped me to see past blocks and become more aware of my body, mind and their connection. Her space, Heart in Brain Studios, feels like an extension of her open and kind way of being. It is an honor to practice with Natalia and I am grateful to have met her.                                                                                                                 

Bernard Hackler

DJ, Miami, FL

Where do I start?  Natalia has the most beautiful way of taking you through a restorative yoga class.  Her tone, her knowledge & passion is inspiring.  I have taken many classes all over the world and I find that my mind always wanders back to Natalia’s class.  It’s like a journey from the beginning to end.  If you want to deepen your practice, learn more about who you are as a human, then open your heart & try this class.  It is truly life changing.  You will find yourself changing your schedule just to attend. 

Tara Tobin

Pilates Instructor | Entrepreneur, Boca Raton, FL

Meditating with Natalia was such a pleasure. Each meditation session left me feeling so relaxed and centered. Natalia’s beautiful voice and inspired meditations took me to deeply restorative places within myself. Insights and openings I felt during her chakra series were powerful and healing.  

Lisa Sloat

Miami, FL

Natalia has a great gift of connecting the breath and body to the chakras so that anyone can understand her calming instructions with clarity. Every student that attended her workshop here at StudiOm is awaiting her return.   ————————————————–                                           

Nichole Welker Baker

Owner, StudiOm, Jackson, MS

After 5 years of practicing Ashtanga yoga, I finally connected with my mula bandha lock energetically. Natalia located it in the midline point between the sitting bones, and as I activated this area, a great sense of uplifting energy awoke. It was so new yet a familiar feeling, like I have known it before.. in this body, somehow. Can’t wait to explore it!


How can I explain what working with Natalia means? I feel like any word wouldn’t do justice because Natalia is a motion, or more truthfully, emotion. She uses her ability to look into your soul in the most kindest, non judgmental way, and moves with you as one, vivid, colorful motion that brings up the best in you when the camera is on. As a yoga teacher that needs to promote herself constantly, standing in front of a camera was never easy. Self criticism is an obstacle I had to confront each time, but Natalia shifted my journey of self acceptance by showing me her unique perspective. Her deep observation and artistic eye helped me to struggle less and bring myself out with confidence. While yoga did not diminish all my demons and I have to practice self acceptance every day, Natalia always stays with me as a motion, the motion of love.I have to say she is rare.. that’s why I’m so happy to share what she is to me. So go! take your session with her! She will give you more than just a picture, that’s for sure.

Liron Fuchs

Yoga Teacher, Miami, FL


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