Find strength inside your vulnerabilities.

come BE with us.

Heart in Brain Studios

is an innovative space specifically designed to compliment a dedicated restful practice, including restorative yoga, conscious REST*, concentration leading to meditation, and holistic energy modalities, with artistic skill and creativity. 

Founded by Natalia Vásquez, Heart in Brain Studios is rooted in the concept that “the answer lives within your heart.”


* Trauma and energy informed approach to holistic and visual arts practices.

* Opportunities for deep rest and creativity via 1:1 sessions, workshops, and series to navigate your inner world.

*Specialty programs tailored to your school, non-profit, small-business, or corporate team development needs.

* Conscious Photography Sessions for your heart-guided leadership needs that encourage you to see and express yourself or your heartful offerings with clarity and confidence.

* A growing library focusing on the visual arts and holistic practices available for study on location.

* The opportunity to breathe and work through personal matters in the private setting of our tiny meditation room. (now virtual due to covid-19. contact for information.)

* Creation of sacred space, an atmosphere to face and process life situations in need of delicate attention.

* Time to stay for a cup of tea, chill with a book, or reflect on your art/holistic/life practice.

* A kind and empathic community committed to facing our inner worlds and choosing to build peace from within.

When gathering

in this unique space (now online due to covid-19), you won’t only come for a session or workshop. You enter the world of Natalia’s art and photography studio and experience her artistic practice. During creativity workshops, you’ll also tune into the artist within you; a connection we hope you’ll maintain for the rest of your life.

Located Virtually, Based in Miami

and consciously designed for slowing down and reconnecting with your breath and the innate creativity we all possess, Heart in Brain Studios is a space to restore, create, and just BE. Looking forward to guiding you through practice that inspires you to return to your heart center, create from within, and know what it means to be true to you as you relate with all living beings.


+1(305) 414-4160

This is an anti-racist, queer friendly space. No exceptions.


Virtual | Worldwide


Español, Français


Open by appointment.

Art viewings, private holistic or visual art sessions.

Scheduled workshops, classes, lectures, exhibitions, and events.


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