Listen to the voice of intuition within your heart.

It guides you to create your dreams.

Natalia’s love and respect

for the visual arts, restful holistic practices, ancient spirituality, and mother nature merge here at Heart in Brain Studios, encouraging a harmonious environment for self-study and personal growth. Her experience working as a visual artist, photographer, educator, holistic practitioner, and martial artist inform all of her offerings.

“My most profound education, though, has come from a decades-long process of transforming my life from that of a depressed, panic-attack-driven insomiac, abusing alcohol and on the verge of suicide, to a healthily integrated, joyful, loving version of myself. It is my own visual and holistic arts practice that guided me from internal chaos and darkness to the source of light within my heart. My intuition never failed me and spiritual guidance accompanied me every step of the way.

The process involved in regaining trust and safety within our internal and external worlds takes time and devotion. Part of this is recognizing that as complex, multi-dimensional beings we often fall on different points along the power spectrum and must be sincere with ourselves for healing to occur on all levels, personally and interpersonally. 

With the deepest sense of gratitude for life, I share with you what I’ve learned through self-study as well as from dedicated healers and teachers of many different holistic modalities. It is an honor to support you as you unveil your own layers and choose what is right for you at this point in your life. 

At times the road may seem long and winding, but always remember: your breath knows the way back home to your heart.”

with Love always,



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